Current Status

Here’s a brief update on several fronts.

  • By all reckoning I am on the home stretch of my PhD. It’s been a long road, but models are converging, results look good, and it’s mainly a matter of finishing writing everything up to the satisfaction of my committee. I have about three months to go—definitely not time for congrats yet. There remains a soul-crushing amount of work to be done.
  • During that same time, I have (what is for me) a lot of travel. I might see you in Lisbon (15WCEE), Toronto (ACI), San Francisco (ASCE Forensics), and an equal number of other places I probably can’t talk about here.
  • This blog will be on hiatus until after all this. Not that any of you out there are remotely concerned about it, but I feel the pressure to write on this site. So, I’m letting myself off the hook and not worrying about it while finishing my dissertation.
  • Despite my infrequency of posting, this blog is one of my favorite things that I do, and post-graduation, I am looking forward to ratcheting up the quality and frequency of posting. This may frighten you, but I have a list in OmniFocus of over 300 posts I want to write. I can’t wait until I have the flexibility to finally build this space into what I’ve always really wanted it to be.

See you on the other side. Head down, power through.

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