Greetings! I’m Ben Deaton and this is my personal slice of the internet.

About Ben

I’m a Senior Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist and have a Ph.D. in engineering from Georgia Tech. My work in the past has revolved around machine learning, software engineering, and computational mechanics. I have lived and worked in Atlanta and Boston. I currently work for a startup in Atlanta.

For the full details, see my curriculum vita/résumé.

I’m married to a wonderful woman and our chaotic life revolves around three awesome little kids. I’m also a rare disease parent.

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About this site

I’ve been blogging on and off since around 2005, and most of that writing is archived here. These posts contain my subjective and anecdotal musings on machine learning, data science, engineering, programming, research, science, academia, teaching, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

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