Expanding your finite element toolkit

From the first-time-for-everything files, my blog recently made an appearance in a print magazine regarding finite element simulation practices. The article, by Pamela Waterman, was titled Expand Your FEA Skills and appeared in the March 2012 issue of Desktop Engineering.

I’m really glad this happened because I thought the rest of the article (the part not quoting me) was very insightful and touches on a number of issues I have been already planning to eventually write about. From the introduction:

Because no one argues with the theory of “garbage in, garbage out,” how can you zero in on the areas to refine, from preparing the CAD geometry to properly defining elements? And where will you find resources to do so?

[Desktop Engineering] asked seasoned FEA users, developers and educators for their best tips and pointers on learning actual FEA, as opposed to manipulating FEA software. With the variety of in-person, online, short-term, extended and even completely free resources available, you should find a learning opportunity that fits your needs, your time and your budget.

The article points to several of my older posts about how to learn new FEA software and ethical considerations when communicating the results of numerical simulation.

Check it out: Expand Your FEA Skills via Desktop Engineering

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