Historical RSS Service Idea

So here’s the thing. There are tons of websites out there that I would have loved to experience during their early days, but I was late to the party and am now confronted with a massive archive with no clear idea where to begin. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could re-experience the early days of a weblog?

Here’s an idea for free: Build a service that will serve you a unique RSS feed that gradually republishes an entire site’s archive beginning at a start date that you choose.

I tell it I want to start reading 43folders.com as if it were 2004. Today I get whatever was posted on 43folders.com on Jan 1, 2004. Tomorrow, I get whatever was posted on 43folders.com on Jan 2, 2004, if anything.

Yes, I can go back and spend half a day reading a site’s archive. But I would rather do it incrementally.

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