Breaking: Interview with engineer on mainstream tech site

I agree with John Cook that “my setup” articles have become somewhat tired. Of all the sites like this I used to follow, The Setup is the only one that remains on my list, despite being quite predictable. (Let me guess: Another indie developer/writer/blogger who uses a MacBook Air and—wait for it—Notational Velocity?)

All that to say, I was delighted last week when they ran an interview with Kellan O’Connor, an aerospace engineer from SpaceX. Seeing the words “FEA”, “stress analysis”, “ANSYS”, and “meshing” on a widely-read site made my day, and I made a significant discovery: the existence of specialized mice for three-dimensional model (CAD/FEA/animation) manipulation. Shut. Up.

I now have a SpaceMouse Pro on the way, and a review is forthcoming.

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