You might be a structural engineer if

You might be a structural engineer if…

… you have pulled over the family car on vacation to photograph every detail of a bridge. Bonus points if this involved unsafe climbing.

… you own a shirt which says one of the following: “Live for the Moment”, “Shear Stud” or “Concrete Creep”.

… you have explained to your kids why it’s easier to open a bag of M&M;’s using Mode III fracture than Mode I.

… you think of headaches as a “thick wall pressure vessel” problem.

… you describe your time management philosophy as “moment distribution”.

… your 10 year old kid can pick up a row of books by compressing the sides and explain that this is how prestressed concrete works.

… you obsessively try to have your photograph taken on the top of the tallest skyscraper of every city you visit.

… you have instrumented your deck with strain gages to check for erosion of your backyard.

… you think “rolling a joint” refers to a mechanical process occurring in a steel mill.

Okay, that’s all I got.

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