Life lesson: Not enough data

Here’s a helpful life lesson: You can save yourself a lot of stress when making big decisions if you can recognize when you don’t have enough data to make the decision.

When we moved from Atlanta from Boston last year, I kept getting overwhelmed by specific decisions I had to make. I felt pressure to just make the decision, but many of these actually had dependencies which had to be researched and finalized first.

I didn’t recognize it for far too long and was just spinning my wheels trying to invert a singular matrix.

Another example: When my daughter was a newborn, I did what every parent does. You analyze every parameter you can find in hopes that you can optimize the mixture of sleep, happiness, eating, etc. The problem is the number of unknowns vastly outnumbers the number of equations. You become a lot happier when you accept that it’s an impossible system to solve and give yourself permission to just do the best you can.

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